Can I take the toys to Dumont?

Yes. You may take our toys and other equipment to Dumont Dunes. 

Can I take the rentals to Glamis?

No. Sorry, but for a variety of safety reasons our toys may not be taken to or used in Glamis. 

Can I take the toys to Pismo Beach?

No, sorry. We do not allow our quads and other equipment to be used at Pismo Beach, or any other beach. The salt water is far too corrosive and quickly causes rust. 

Do you have a list of popular riding spots?

Yes, you may see the list under the riding and camping spots tab on the top of this website. 

If I rent a special package do I get to use all toys I rented on the free 3rd day?

Yes, on the 3rd free day you get to keep and use all of the toys and/or trailers you rented on the 1st day.  

Do the toys come with full gas tanks?

Yes, you have the option to have us fill the gas tanks on every toy you rent. We only charge the exact cost of the gas. We do not charge a fee for our time.

Will your company deliver my rentals to my home or campsite?

Yes, for a delivery fee of $150 we will deliver your travel trailers to any location that is within 25 miles of our office. Quads and flatbed trailers are delivered free to Ontario, Upland, Claremont, Montclair

Do you provide riding helmets?

Yes, we will provide a free helmet for every toy you rent. Safety is our most important concern. 

Can I rent Quads and a Trailer for a single day?

Yes, we will rent you quads and a flat bed trailer for a single day of fun. 

Does your company provide sheets and towels?

Yes, our trailers are stocked with sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, and eating utensils, cups and plates for 8 people.  

What type of truck can tow the Toy Hauler?

The Toy hauler we offer can be pulled with any half-ton truck that has a break controller. 

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